Monday, January 9, 2012

Wednesday, January 9th, 1974

My birthday. About the only good thing about today. many ways it was better than most days lately but in others, worse. But then, I guess all days are like this.

NOTES: Never been big on birthdays. Never had parties either. Well...that's not true. I had one when I was very little and my mother went all out for some reason when I turned 11 an we had a bunch of kids at our apartment all at the same time including Terry, Doug, Debbie and at least a half dozen more including a kid I didn't know well who was brought along by another friend. His name was Mike. 

It was a memorable party but not for any good reasons. I threw an uncharacteristic late tantrum and locked myself in the bathroom. I guess it was just all of the conflicting personalities there in the same room. And then, a few weeks afterwards, Mike, with whom I had stayed friendly since the party, had a brain aneurism and dropped dead in the stairwell at school. He was the first person close to my own age I knew to have died. The whole school attended his visitation. 

I always try to at least treat myself to something on my birthday. This year, we've saved enough money from the bills to order a pizza! At the price they are these days, that's more of a treat than it might sound!


  1. Happy b-day, Booksteve! Ah, LaRosa's pizza. The thing I miss most about not living in Cincy...

  2. Happy birthday, Booksteve—hope it's a a great one, or at least better than your 11th birthday party! Don't forget to check your Paypal account!

  3. Happy birthday Booksteve -- and unless you've locked yourself in the bathroom, it's got to be better than your 11th (at least in some ways)!

  4. You may not be big on birthdays, Steve, but I hope you have a good one. Enjoy your pizza, man...