Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monday, March 18th, 1974

I taped THE MAGICIAN theme, my favorite TV theme at the moment.

At school, I got an article on comics.

Tonight, I decided to make something out of my old DARK SHADOWS scrapbook.

Three movies I want to go see this week. One--Sean Connery in ZARDOZ--is coming to the Madison. Maybe my movie luck is changing. I hope so!

NOTES: THE MAGICIAN was a short-lived series starring TV favorite Bill Bixby as a stage magician whose hobby was solving murder mysteries using his illusions. It really was a great theme song, on trumpet as I recall. It was the first of many I decided to record on a tape of TV theme songs which I still have! 

Oddly enough, here we are 38 years later and we're once again talking about DARK SHADOWS with Tim Burton's upcoming mockery of the beloved original vampire soap opera.

ZARDOZ was one freaky movie. More about it when I see it.

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  1. I remember that show. I also use to tape things with a my cassette player. Mainly, Monkee shows. I still have all my tapes from back then.