Sunday, March 25, 2012

Monday, March 25th, 1974


Yesterday, Dad told me he saw a whole magazine about THE EXORCIST. I went everywhere today looking for it while I was off school but nothing! Finally, I bought a great mag on THE TELEVISION YEARS and a teen mag with articles and photos about Linda and Bruce Lee. When I got home, my Dad said that this was the one he had seen all along!

I also picked up a few more old comics at the Ohio Book Store.

NOTES: THE TELEVISION YEARS was an incredible find for a lifelong TV fan like myself. It was more or less a linear history but all told in heavily annotated photographs of the shows and personalities including many long unseen by that point! I definitely learned more about TV history here than I had ever learned prior to that! All these years later, of course, this has borne fruit in my latest blog,

And yes, I still have it.

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