Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sunday, April 28th, 1974

A much better day profitwise. I finally got Marlo Thomas's FREE TO BE YOU AND ME album along with another new McCartney single. I listened to the album over and over. I think it may have changed my whole views of life.

I've got about 19 dollars left and it's got to last until my next payment. I do, however, intend to order the HOUSE OF HORRORS book for $5.84 tomorrow from Warren.

Also I came up with a great idea for selling a new radio mystery series to a local radio station. Maybe I'll do more work on it soon.

The very air was pleasant all day today. My cold is almost better and I even survived the nearly unbearable heat to come up with a good feeling.

Are things finally starting to go my way? I doubt it but I can hope so.

NOTES: HOUSE OF HORRORS was a history of Hammer Films that came out just as the company itself was about to go under. 

Every once in a while, I would decide that what local radio needed was a new mystery series written by me. This was probably the first but I know I was still toying with this idea as late as the early 1990's. Oh, hell, it's crossed my mind just recently, too. Trouble is that no one in local radio cares what I think. Even when I was briefly associated with local radio in the early 1980's no one cared what I thought!

FREE TO BE...was Marlo Thomas's now classic children's album of liberating songs and skits for boys and girls. Mel Brooks, Jack Cassidy, Shirley Jones, Billy De Wolfe, Tommy Smothers, Bobby Morse, Diana Sands and other celebs appeared with THAT woman, Marlo. It was for a slightly younger audience than me at 15 but it really was a very eye-opening experience. I had been raised in a rather conservative home with traditional ways of looking at males and females. Boys, for example, could never wear pink. It was my appreciation of the THAT GIRL sitcom that made me get it but it was the album that made me rethink a lot of things and eventually get to where I considered myself a male feminist. At 19, I almost joined NOW. After all, it's the National Organization FOR Women, not OF Women. I could still be sexist in some ways (still!) but this day a new seed was planted in my understanding of male and female roles, expectations and possibilities in society. Thanks, Marlo.A few years later, I had a pink shirt I really loved. 

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