Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thursday, February 7th, 1974

Today was a bad day at school. It started when I learned I had missed seeing Linda Blair on Merv Griffin's show last night and then that was topped when I got back a low-graded Algebra test!

Watched KANSAS CITY BOMBER on TV again tonight.

NOTES: Roller Derby was, I suppose, closer to professional wrestling than to a real sport but it was fairly prevalent on television from the fifties on and was, in fact, enjoying a peak of popularity in the early seventies. KANSAS CITY BOMBER was a pretty good melodrama with a roller derby setting. Uber-sex symbol Raquel Welch stretched her acting wings a little in the starring role and did reasonably well. Unfortunately her next released role was in Alexander Salkind's stylish but disastrous BLUEBEARD with Richard Burton. From there, her days as a leading actress seemed over. A well-recieved character comic turn in the same producer's THREE MUSKETEERS in '74 salvaged her big-screen career for a while longer but it was never the same. 

Oh, by the way, I was never into Roller Derby in the slightest but I paid to see KANSAS CITY BOMBER twice in theaters in '72 because of Raquel and then watched and enjoyed it a third time here this evening. Odd that I can barely remember anything about it now.

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