Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tuesday, February 19th, 1974

Dreary weather today. Makes me miss my memories and hope more and more that something big happens soon.

I've got to write my pen-pal letter soon and I really want to stay up late tomorrow night.

The first day back at school was okay but I'm happy to report that another school year will soon be over.

NOTES: I hit the early stages of puberty by 1969 but I hadn't had a problem with acne. I watched other classmates break out, some horribly so, but not me. And then all of sudden around this time--probably a year or so earlier--my turn came. It got pretty bad and it was definitely a factor in my decreased self-esteem. I tried creams and lotions and showering constantly and soaps and eventually even doctor-supervised meds and radiation treatments (glorified tanning beds). Finally, in my early just faded away...mostly. 

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