Saturday, February 18, 2012

Monday, February 18th, 1974

IT again. Me and dad went to Aunt Rosie's for the 3rd year in a row on this Presidents day. This afternoon, we really were ready to finally see THE EXORCIST only to find out the bus wasn't running because of the holiday. So we went to see MAGNUM FORCE downtown instead. Back to the old grind tomorrow.

NOTES: Not sure why I didn't mention it here but I'm assuming it's the reason we went to Aunt Rosies--Today was my dad's birthday. Rosie's birthday was Feb. 22nd and my Dad's was Feb. 18th so we often kind of celebrated together. 

Apparently my mother had to work, holiday or no holiday. She worked in a factory and they might not have recognized the still-new holiday of Presidents Day. 

If my dad were still alive in 2012, he would be 102 years old today, the same age as my wife's late GRANDFather, born on the exact same date in the same year. 

The picture shows my Dad and myself 7 years beyond 1974, once again at Aunt Rosie's house. 

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