Sunday, April 8, 2012

Monday, April 8th, 1974

I got some great books I needed at The Ohio Book Store along with the TV GUIDE and that EXORCIST special. That paper gave me two of the best pictures I've ever seen of Linda Blair. It's just like last summer with Stefanie. I'm compelled to write to her and I swear I shall before the year is over.

The job is getting easier. I finish my part in just about an hour or less every night now. I hope the pay is worth it. I guess it will be because I wasn't earning anything at all before.

Today, Phyllis Claypool died. I never really liked her and I hadn't even seen her in a long time until recently when I passed her on the sidewalk. Still, I'm sorry to hear about her death.

NOTES: Man, I had fallen hard for Linda Blair and I had never even seen her in anything by this point! 

The year before, I had written a fan letter to actress Stefanie Powers in care of a theater I knew she would be appearing at the following week. I figured, apparently correctly, that they would hand her the letter when she first arrived at the theater. She wrote back, kindly answering a number of questions I had asked in true fanboy style. Her letter had been on motel stationary. I envisioned her returning to her room after a performance, taking a shower and then settling down at the room's desk to respond to my letter. I had no doubt I could figure out a way to reach Linda Blair, also. Just didn't figure it would take me 36 years to finally make contact with her!

Phyllis Claypool was a girl who lived around the corner form me for years. She was a year behind me in school and  for some reason we took an immediate dislike for each other. She was close with my friend Cindy (whom I called Cottontop because her winter wear had a white knit hat) and Phyllis had even replaced me when it came to my first paid "job," walking a first-grader from across the street named Brenda to school when I was in the sixth grade. Sadly, I have no recollection how Phyllis died. Seems like we saw an obituary in the paper that night.

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