Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sunday, April 14th, 1974

Another Easter passes me by. No eggs this year. At least no colored ones. We all went to church but even that didn't make it seem like Easter.

As if I never realized it before, I now have a tremendous crush on Linda Blair. More than anyone I've ever had a crush on in fact except Debbie and maybe even more than that!

Since I'm off all week, I intend to see some movies and watch TV.

The feeling of summer is in the air today and all is easy. Possibilities of tornadoes this afternoon but there were none. Good!

Saw a good movie on TV tonight--THURSDAY'S GAME.

NOTES: THURSDAY'S GAME was apparently made as a theatrical feature in 1971 but for some reason was shelved. It was trotted out to excellent reviews as an ABC MOVIE OF THE WEEK on this date 3 years later, most likely because nearly all involved were now bigger stars including Gene Wilder and EXORCIST star Ellen Burstyn.

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