Monday, April 16, 2012

Tuesday, April 16th, 1974

IT. Second day in a row.

I finished re-reading THE EXORCIST.

I ate a lot of doughnuts today.

I went through a lot of old folders the Soicial Security office threw out yesterday. Thinking I can maybe trade them to Terry for something.

I'll probably go over the river tomorrow and then catch ALICE IN WONDERLAND if it's still playing on Thursday.

I needed to wash my hair and take a bath tonight but didn't get to it.

NOTES: ALICE IN WONDERLAND has been a favorite story for most of my life but I never actually read the book itself until I was about 20. I tended to watch any TV adaptation or film that came along and I often listed Disney's ALICE as my favorite animated Disney picture. I had seen it as a child and this 1974 re-release was the one that tried to appeal to the psychedelic crowd, thus the colorful poster.

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