Thursday, December 6, 2012

Friday, December 6th, 1974

My glasses' other earpiece broke today. I'll have to go get new ones tomorrow. I can't put it off this time. Spent my first day at school without glasses today, though and my eyes held up pretty well.

All my teachers were finally back today.

We'll probably get to see RED BADGE OF COURAGE--which I passed up on Tuesday night--on tape on Monday and Tuesday next week.

Speaking of TV sets in the classroom, we got locked out of our room coming back from lunch because there was a TV in there.

I found out what films will open at the new Erlanger Showcase Cinemas December 20th. Three I want to see. The only problem will be determining where they are!

Tonight at The Place, they showed a Sneak of FREEBIE & THE BEAN. I think I want to see it. Dad might go with me to catch ENTER THE DRAGON. He's about the only person I know who hasn't seen it!

Caught "Mirror, Mirror," another of my favorite TREK episodes, and also saw Shatner on PYRAMID and POLICE WOMAN.

NOTES: RED BADGE OF COURAGE turned out to be a superior TV movie version of that classic. It starred Richard Thomas (who would later come in my store at the Airport but on my day off, darn it!) and Wendell Burton (whom I would later exchange a few emails with online).

I'd been wearing glasses since I was 5 years old. I actually (purposely) lost them on the second day I had them and went through long periods of not wearing them if childhood photos are to be believed. That said they became a part of me in time. Up until this point, I always wore black and silver ones, very old-fashioned looking. The brown ones seen here were my first major change ever and would last until I got wire frames n the eighties.


Raj said...

Watching the PW ep now ("Smack"); few other nice guest stars, Smokey Robinson, Barry Livingston, that batty Pink Lady from Grease...

(The show is growing on me. Dickenson's getting better....)

Booksteve said...

I just watched this episode again recently on YouTube. Smokey couldn't act at all, could he?

Raj said...

Fair call! I didn't mind! He wasn't over-trying so much to wreck the scenes. I caught a Police Story from around the same time with him and his performance was small and non-compromising. Glad he kept to singing down the road...