Monday, December 3, 2012

Tuesday, December 3rd, 1974

A bad day. Two teachers were absent. I really did badly in Gym as we played "21" (??) and some kind of basketball race. I got accidentally hit hard in the chest and later on at home I found it hard to swallow.  My stomach and chest hurt the rest of the night. Boy!

On the bus home that freak Dorman set off a firecracker. He makes me sick.

Doug says his ex-girlfriend had her baby.

Mom says they raided 313 the other night and found lots of dope. We had kinda figured that kinda thing was going on over there. We were right I guess.

I finally saw an actual Spidey story on THE ELECTRIC COMPANY. It was real short, neat and funny. M*A*S*H was especially good tonight, too. Also a good episode of POLICE STORY with Dandy Don.

NOTES: Dorman (not his real name) was an annoying friend of a friend in our class. A few years ago I was looking up people out of the Yearbook and found him as a registered sex offender. Can't say I was surprised. 

We used to know our neighbors but there had been a big turnover and the house literally ten feet away across the alley had gone visibly downhill in the years prior to this point. Somewhere in there it was actually condemned. Oddly enough, in 2012, it's still there, presumably rehabbed and attracting a better class of people.

"Dandy Don" was Don Meredith, a football player turned actor who became a sort of regular on the anthology series, POLICE STORY, usually teamed with Tony Lo Bianco.

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