Monday, February 27, 2012

Wednesday, February 27th, 1974

No comics today but I picked up the TV GUIDE and several magazines. Also, I put in layaway over there at the Ohio Book Store the book SUPERMAN: FROM THE THIRTIES TO THE SEVENTIES for only $4.50! That's a savings of $5.50 off the original price!

Saw Mr. Daniels walking downtown, too.

NOTES: Mr. Daniels was the art teacher at school. Somewhere I have a picture of him. He was a small, black man with a mustache that covered his mouth, a smallish afro hairstyle and a penchant for colorful shirts that looked to have been designed by Jackson Pollack. He spoke softly and with a stammer and through that mustache was often unintelligible but he was very encouraging to me. Sometimes I wish I'd followed through with art rather than writing.

The book, SUPERMAN: FROM THE THIRTIES TO THE SEVENTIES was a hardcover collection of just that from a couple of years earlier. I had gotten the companion Batman volume for Christmas but had never actually seen the Superman one in stores until now. I did end up getting it. In 2012, I'm seriously considering putting that very copy on our booksale site this next week. Let me know if you're interested. 

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