Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunday, May 12th, 1974

Mother's Day. We went to church where I saw that girl from school again. We found out my friend from when I was about four, Jenny Adams, was married there last week at about age 17.

We had White Castles for lunch.

I sent in what I think was a TV blooper to THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER. I might win $50.00!

Saw a whole lot of new superhero toys at Twin Fair.

Saw Steffie on McCLOUD again. It was a rerun.


The cough I had yesterday was much worse today.

NOTES: Jenny was our landlady's daughter. i remember thinking of her as a teenager then and even looking at pics of her she looks older but apparently she was just a few years older than I was. Last time we saw her was at the Florence mall a couple of years after this pushing a baby stroller.

THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER became a favorite of mine around this time for entertainment news you just didn't get anywhere else. Little by little I came to question its reliability. I sent in several of their TV bloopers contest entries and while i was usually correct, many others also responded and I was never chosen as a winner. 

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Raj said...

Ah, yes... the first McCloud this season "Butch Cassidy Rides Again" (OAD October 14 1973, Watched it a few months back...)

Hey, did anyone order a cat-fight between Steffie and Linda Evans??