Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thursday, October 3rd, 1974

I got through Gym again. Not very easily, though.

A pretty good day otherwise. Doug and I and Jim Fawcett are doing a science project that's not so hot...yet.

I was supposed to go with Terry to Cincy but didn't.

I'm mad at everyone because no one ever sits next to me on the bus. People would rather stand than sit next to me. Boy! Well, I wouldn't sit next to them either!

NOTES: Jim Fawcett went on to do well, first working as a newspaper reporter and then eventually running a whole darn city! Literally! Saw a photo of him at last week's 35th Reunion (which I didn't go to) and he looks great!

The album charts this week were tied three ways with Rod Stewart's SMILER, The Bay City Rollers' ROLLIN' and John Lennon's WALLS & BRIDGES. Lennon's album has sounded better and better over the years  but I've never cared for Rod Stewart as a singer. The Bay City Rollers is the one of this trio that was uniquely seventies. They were an early Scottish boy band with some semblance of real talent which was largely sublimated by their success when the powers that be tried to cram them into standardized little flavor of the month boxes. 

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