Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tuesday, January 22nd, 1974

Here I am, again--the Television Freak. Except for a slightly hectic day at school and a short but profitable (possessions-wise) trip across the river later, that's all I did was watch TV.

Oh, I also did write my pen-pal letter and paid my Post bill by mail.

NOTES: Not sure why I considered it "my" Post bill. THE POST was the local evening newspaper at the time which we had always gotten. Later, we started getting THE ENQUIRER, Cincinnati's morning newspaper, pretty much exclusively so I could collect the SPIDER-MAN newspaper strip. So I can see where I would have considered THE ENQUIRER as "my" paper but THE POST? Don't know.

THE CINCINNATI POST (and its special edition, THE KENTUCKY POST) went Internet only a few years back and THE ENQUIRER has shrunken so much that I almost cry to hold a copy anymore...which I rarely do.

One of my new favorite shows on TV at that time, airing on Tuesday evenings, was HAPPY DAYS. The now-classic sitcom of fifties life starring Ron Howard and Henry Winkler had premiered on January 15th as a mid-season replacement so this was only the second episode. I'm not even sure The Fonz was IN the second episode! HAPPY DAYS, would, of course, run 11 seasons and literally define the term, "jumping the shark."

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