Thursday, June 14, 2012

Friday, June 14, 1974

The television man was supposed to come today but I ventured across the river anyway. Later he called and explained that he couldn't make it anyway.

I got VAMPI, SPIRIT and FIGHTING STARS with another great big article on Bruce Lee. Also got TBG in the mail and later on Terry stopped by and gave me the new MONSTERS UNLEASHED to make up for the buck fifty he owed me.

Had seven coneys but it made me a bit sick for a while.

Mrs. Pritchett brought down her grandbaby for a while tnight. I'm not used to babies and I don't want to get used to them as I never want one.

NOTES: FIGHTING STARS was a magazine about celebrity martial artists that fortuitously premiered only weeks before Bruce Lee's death. Their initial cover story was on ENTER THE DRAGON and how Bruce was poised to become a big star. After he died and the film was released, it became a huge seller and lasted several years with every issue seeming to feature more Bruce articles amidst stories of Robert Conrad and William Shatner breaking boards and Larry Hagman (bald with a porn star mustache) doing high kicks. As the martial arts craze settled down after a few years, the mag went away.

As a kid I ate 2 coneys ata  time, then 3, then 4, 5 and 6. Around this time, I was experimenting with moving up my regular meal to 7. Didn't work. 6 ended up being my ideal as far as being filling and not tearing up my gastrointestinal system. To this day, I get 6 at a time when we can afford them at all...although I often eat 3 and save 3 for later. 

I was never around babies much. Little kids, sure. But not babies. My friend Timmy got a baby brother when we were 5 but we moved away soon after. Debbie had a baby brother but she had little to do with him when I was around so I didn't see him much. She and I once babysat for a little baby girl for a couple hours but the baby mostly slept while we watched TV. My cousins Rachel and Andrea were babies when i met them but we only saw them once a month or so and they grew quickly. There just weren't a lot of babies I ever knew!

That said, I think it was the lack of experience with them that made me write I didn't want any. Later on, after I'd been married a few years,  my "biological clock" kicked in. I would see fathers and daughters come into my store shopping and I absolutely started longing for a daughter. I wanted a daughter right up until the moment they told us ours was a boy. Immediately then I wanted a son more than anything in the world. And I ended up with the best one ever!

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