Friday, June 8, 2012

Saturday, June 8th, 1974

After this morning, my stomach felt much much better the rest of the day and my headache was gone completely.

I stayed home, though. Watched TV. Helped Mrs. Pritchett and earned 75 cents!

All 40 pictures took and took good!

Mom got me the SUPERCOPS book today at Woolworths. Boy, that'll be some movie. And it's going off in about a week already!

I got my first look in the attic yesterday but I couldn't see a thing!

I killed an insect which might have been a locust! I think so. Dad says it was a bee.

NOTES: I don't think I was being facetious when I put the exclamation mark after "75 cents." It really WAS a big deal back then! 

I remember really enjoying THE SUPER COPS. There was a comic book tie-in as well (by Gray Morrow). As I've noted already, I wouldn't see the movie until it hit TV a couple years later and it wasn't really very good.

The pictures I was referring to would have been the Kings Island ones I took. Odd that I took 40 and yet I only know of about 8 that I still can put my hands on.

Lime most comics collectors, I had always envisioned finding a secret stash of mint condition comics up in the attic. Didn't happen.

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