Monday, June 4, 2012

Tuesday, June 4th, 1974

I got up at 6:30 and watched HAZEL. There isn't going to be much good on TV all this week.

I narrowly avoided IT today but this time I managed to WIN!

Tomorrow's the last official day of school--Report Card Day. I suppose Doug knows I'll pick him up.

It's been five weeks since I ordered that book and I'm tired of anticipating it every day. It's always such a letdown when it doesn't arrive.

Tomorrow, if it matinees, I'll probably see a 007 double feature.

I've decided to ride the bus out to the Showcase Cinemas to see SINBAD if it matinees when it starts in a couple of weeks.

I watched a TV movie with Ted Bessell and Barbara Feldon. I'd seen it before and didn't like it but this time I thought it was terrific.

NOTES: Looks like that movie I watched was a TV movie entitled WHAT ARE BEST FRIENDS FOR? In addition to the stars mentioned above, it also starred Larry Hagman and Lee Grant along with sone great character actors. It was directed by Jay Sandrich, one of THE great sitcom directors. All that said, I have exactly NO memory of this film today.

HAZEL was the almost classic sitcom with Shirley Booth as the perfect maid and housekeeper. It was, I would find out later, based on a comic panel by cartoonist Ted Key who also did a strip I loved as a kid, DIZ & LIZ, in JACK & JILL.

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Bryan W. Frazier said...

What a coincidence!! The" HAZEL " TV series celebrated an anniversary last week!! I have been reading again the three" HAZEL" Comic Strip paperbacks that I have in my own library!! Plus, My Mother's name is also" HAZEL!! "