Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thursday, June 6th, 1974

I didn't feel good all day today. They predicted rain but it was all very sunny. I went to see the 007 double-feature because I thought it might make me feel better. It did a little. DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER is still my second favorite Bond flick.

After the movies, I got FM and THE SHADOW.

No locusts yet.

I managed to finish work again tonight in time to see TARZAN.

Summer won't really start from me until I hear from THE ENQUIRER. I just hope whatever I hear from them I hear before July.

It was almost this time last year (June 2nd?) when I got pretty sick out at the drive-in. Heatstroke maybe? I hope this doesn't last.

NOTES: The bit about THE ENQUIRER was in reference to my entry into THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER's contest to grant a wish. In my case, that wish was to meet Linda Blair. Needless to say, it wasn't going to happen but at that point I was still optimistic.

My favorite 007 movie, btw, was and remains GOLDFINGER.

More of Ron Ely's TARZAN. Still trying to work out that interview in 2012.

When I mentioned locusts, I meant cicadas. I just didn't know it at that point. 

FM was, as always, FAMOUS MONSTERS rather than anything musical related. THE SHADOW was most likely the first of the new paperback reprint series with STERANKO covers. 

I don't recall getting really sick at the drive-in. As I've mentioned before, only once was I ever able to convince my Dad to take me and that was in 1971. A few times after that Terry's Mom took us to see monster flicks or a Raquel Welch picture. 

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