Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wednesday, July 10th, 1974

The day after. It's still hard to believe. My stomach caused me to lose some sleep. I got up at about 4:30 in the morning.

Mom had to go to work for a few hours today.

I had to help George again and I'm getting tired of it.

The man came and fixed our window.

It rained all day and temperatures were up, ruining our plans to go to the Zoo. Probably tomorrow.

I think I'll have to write Linda again soon. Next week.

I've been drinking too many soft drinks again lately. I really am going to have to cut down.

Saturday is Debbie's birthday. I should send her a  card.

Terry called and said he got about $1.20 worth of old comics. Just called to brag I think. I've been involved in other things lately like movies and Linda but I hope I can get really involved in fandom and build a great collection.

NOTES: I never did get involved in comics fandom very much. My natural shyness, I suppose. Over time, I did make my mark though, winning the COMICS INTERVIEW 100 Trivia Quiz in 1991 and, with the coming of the Web, becoming acquainted with many of the folks who WERE actually heavily involved in fandom in the seventies. 

I wish I HAD cut back on Cokes. From time to time I did but not really. Never for very long. Today, alone, I believe I've had four. They've screwed up my weight, my teeth and other aspects of my health over the years. I should still cut back more but I've given up so much in recent years...Sigh...

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Will said...

Same here with Coke, now I'm addicted to Coke Zero or as some people call it Crack Zero

I remember those wooden boxes for sodas, my dad had a couple around the apartment and got some nasty splinters from them