Friday, October 12, 2012

Saturday, October 12th, 1974

Dad went with me to King Kwik.

STAR TREK was great this morning!

IT. I tore up the mag and threw it away.

Terry and his Mom went over the river with me this afternoon. He got four hardcover books. I got the last Beatles album I needed and a Chris Lee Dracula LP. Wow!

I spent the evening taping portions of all my Beatles albums.

I didn't mention DEATH WISH to Terry because Dad wants just me and him to go together.

I got my last batch of pix back today, too.

NOTES: The Lee album was cool looking but I found it virtually unlistenable. Not sure I ever even got through it once in its entirety. Very collectible, though. Since it was virtually unplayed, I got a considerable amount for it when I sold it a few years back.

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