Monday, October 8, 2012

Tuesday, October 8th, 1974

I didn't take my Gym clothes 'cause we had some dumb test where we had to put round pegs in holes and then turn them upside down and stuff like that.

We had our first Spanish test today, too.

I caused a minor sensation with my Donald Duck voice in Science at lunchtime.

I got 10 new notebooks at the office tonight! That gives me 16 with no present use as well as 11 folders.

I hope to see DEATH WISH this weekend.

NOTES: Decades later my wife would be the one administering those fine motor skills tests for several years until the state cut funding for the program. 

Ever since I was a child I have been able to do a vaguely Donald Duck-style voice that is fairly understandable by releasing air trapped in my cheek. In fact, I used to be able to do it from either side of my mouth...or both sides simultaneously! Even better was that I could speak in my own voice at the exact same time! Three voices at once! I am NOT exaggerating! Freaked people out. It still does but I can only do two these days. For some reason I can't do it from the left side any more but the right side is as good as ever and can still be augmented by my regular voice! For years I tried to teach myself to say "yes" as Donald while saying "no" as myself. That never worked, though. No mater how hard I try, whatever one voice says, the other says the exact same thing at the exact same moment if I do both voices. Ah, well. Still freaks people out but little babies love the Duck voice! 

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