Thursday, November 1, 2012

Friday, November 1st, 1974

Another Halloween's come and gone with hardly any notice. We has a pep rally again. In the gym this time. It wasn't half as good as the other one we had outside. Some coach was there and made a big speech about school spirit but I never had any anyway. While everyone else was jumping and hollering with the cheerleaders and stuff, I just sat there feeling pretty foolish. I would have felt even more foolish if I had gotten up, too! Oh, well. I lived through it.

Mr. H was absent again. We got the new school paper. We got our grades in Geometry. I may not be getting Spanish this year but I'm A-OK in Geometry.

Got some good stuff about Roddy and about Clint's new movie over at SS tonight.

This morning, I got up really early and read comic books. Read more when I got home and successfully managed to avoid IT.

Saw PLANET OF THE APES for the first time in color tonight since we finally got the TV fixed.

Saw the beginning of THE GRADUATE again, too. The only good part as I like to call it.

NOTES: Never have been a big fan of THE GRADUATE or Mike Nichols as a director. I laugh like crazy at Nichols and May from the late fifties/early sixties. I enjoy Dustin Hoffman's performances in dozens of other films. I think Anne Bancroft was a superb actress and a very funny woman when she wanted to be. And I certainly never complained about the Simon and Garfunkel soundtrack. That said, after a well-done opening I still say the rest of the film was a pretentious bore, badly directed and aimless. It's not like I don't "get" sixties style filmmaking. I quite enjoy it in fact. Just...not THE GRADUATE.


Bryan W. Frazier said...

I have never liked nor enjoyed The Graduate either!!

Booksteve said...

When Nichols died in 2014, I attempted to revisit THE GRADUATE but it still didn't do it for me. I put on some old Nichols and May routines from YouTube in tribute instead.