Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thursday, January 3rd, 1974

Today the ice and freezing rain were so bad that I couldn't make it to school at all! I don't really believe this will affect my grades or anything, though. The weather got a little better for a while this afternoon but then worsened again toward evening. I just spent the day reading comic books in bed.

NOTES: As I write this in 2012, we're getting our first minor snowfall of the season. In 1974, though, I remember that this had been a massive ice storm with wind and freezing rain. Not the same at all. I doubt either of my parents went to work even though I didn't mention that in the journal. 

What you have to realize is that I lived only a couple of blocks away from the school. In those days they never, ever called off classes in my city school district due to weather (as opposed to these days when a couple of snowflakes can prompt call-offs). So we were expected to be there come monsoon or blizzard...and I usually was...but in the ice that year, I couldn't even get off my block!

I was already a major comic book collector so I immensely enjoyed the day I'm sure!


  1. Growing up in the Berkshires we got a lot of snow. But it would take a blizzard for them to close the schools. I loved a day that I could just stay in my room with my comics.

  2. One of my best snow day memories was circa 1981 when school was closed, but mail was still delivered and what should I find in the mailbox, but my latest copy of Marvel Tales (the Amazing Spider-man reprint). To my delight, I discovered the series had started over and I was holding a reprint of Amazing Fantasy #15. I had the collected paperbacks of Amazing reprints Fawcett had published in the late 70's, but those didn't reprint most of the covers and didn't go beyond issue #18. I know the reprints aren't worth much, but I still regret selling that run at a garage sale years later for $20.