Monday, January 2, 2012

Wednesday, January 2nd, 1974

School started again today and, after the first hour or so, everything was back to normal.

I wrote a short but rather interesting sci-fi story today called MECHANISM.

Talked to my friend Terry and he says we will almost certainly make it to see THAT MAN BOLT this Saturday.

Feelings are so hard to write down. Either for fear of actually admitting them, lack of the proper words or just worrying that someone might someday find them and read them. In my case, its about all of the above.

NOTES: I had wanted to be a writer forever. Seen above is a photo of me as a small child with a typewriter my parents had gotten me when I first told them. This journal was a conscious attempt on my part to do just that--write. I had read a quote from Ray Bradbury that said a writer must write every day and I wanted to make sure i did.

I no longer have nor remember MECHANISM. I had begun writing short stories a few years earlier. The earliest I have is dated 1972 but there may have been a few earlier. I know I made my own mock comics before that but gave them to my friend Terry to read. 

Terry and I had bonded when I was in 2nd grade and he was in 3rd. It was a split class so we were both in the same room and we were both the nerds, the geeks. We remained friends for about 15 years and then didn't see or hear from each other until Facebook nearly 3 decades later!

We never did get to see THAT MAN BOLT that weekend. In fact, I finally saw it just about a month ago! It's a pretty good, fairly big budget film with Fred Williamson as a James Bond-type. 


Raj said...

My current 70's TV binge is Kojak. Currently in sync with this blog's timeline watching the ep that aired this night, "Cop in a Cage"!

Raj said...

Stepping back into your '74 blog with a variety of 70's shows I've been binge-ing in order of schedule and currently in middle of '73-'74.

Starting off with Cannon (solid TV detective show) with the episode that aired this night "Photo Finish"!

(***You'll be seeing more my inane commenting soon...)

Hope you're well and safe, Steve!