Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tuesday, January 29th, 1974

I made it to school today after all and almost everything went fine.

IT again! I went ahead and destroyed everything associated with it except for a few photos I tore out and a couple of comics. And to think, I wasn't going to do it at ALL this year. Sheesh!

NOTES: Yeah, I was willing to destroy the comparatively expensive mags but the comics--most likely undergrounds in this case--were safe. I had been buying undergrounds since I was 13 as the guys at what passed for the local "head shop" in downtown Cincinnati had decided I seemed more mature than some of their older customers! I appreciated comix for their freedoms, their politics, their unique art styles, their original thoughts and, of course, their dirty pictures! I wasn't really into Robert Crumb's, though, which is odd as Crumb was a major influence on my own style of art when I drew cityscapes and such in art class.  I loved Corben, though (seen here), along with Bode, Rand Holmes, Jay Lynch, Skip Williamson (now a Facebook friend) and later Gilbert Shelton, Fred Schrier, Larry Welz and Dave Sheridan. 

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