Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Friday, February 15th, 1974

My horoscope said that I had nothing to worry about today and it was right! My exam didn't come today after all and now it looks like it won't be until Tuesday at the earliest.

Also, I negotiated a real good trade with Terry to be finalized on Monday.

NOTES: In the seventies, I was really into astrology. Every day I checked my horoscope in the newspaper and couldn't understand when the morning one sometimes conflicted with the evening one. I was pretty much disillusioned by it all in 1981 when celebrity psychic Joyce Jillson (also the star of the seventies exploitation flick, SUPERCHICK), told me by phone on a local radio talk show that May 21st would be my luckiest day of the year. Come May 21st, I awoke with great hopes...and ended up in the hospital for the first time in my life. With a kidney stone! I was 22 years old and got stuck staying overnight in pain in a ward with five moaning old men. It took nearly six months for the kidney stone to pass, during which time it flared up several times per week and necessitated canceling long-made plans, leaving movies in the middle and generally feeling miserable most of the time. 

It's been explained to me that A) she didn't say it would be GOOD luck or that perhaps B) the lucky part was that it could have been worse if I hadn't gotten to the hospital. Screw that. I know what she meant and she was wrong. Never paid much attention to astrology again.

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