Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saturday, February 16th, 1974

I got several new books today but the best news was that I may finally get to see a movie on Monday.Not just any movie but maybe THE EXORCIST! It's kind of slim but...

Also, tomorrow, Evel Knievel jumps!

NOTES: Like many folks in the early seventies, I was seduced by the style of daredevil motorcycle stunt man Evel Knievel, whom I had first "met" when George Hamilton played him in a bio-pic a couple of years earlier. Although he was promoted as a real, old-fashioned hero and even ended up with his own Marvel comic book, in real life, Evel turned out to be quite a schmuck in the long run. Here, he was preparing a jump over some cars or buses or somesuch but later in the year he was planning to jump the Grand FREAKIN' Canyon!! Stay tuned.


Analogmoon said...

Snake River Canyon

I still have the newspaper clippings I grabbed from back then about the canyon jump. I was a big Evel Knievel fan. His son has done some great jumps.

Tom said...

I met Evel Knievel about 7 years ago and had him sign the back of a comic book that had an ad for his stuntcycle toy. I've watched a lot of biographies about him and while I agree he could be a jerk (even a psycho on occasion), the likes of him will never be seen again. I can't think of one celebrity in America today that had his charisma and in-your-face, kiss-my-ass attitude. Nor do I think there's anyone today that would have the testicular fortitude to perform his stunts on a stock Harley Davidson. The man is a legend.