Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friday,May 31st, 1974

The last day of school. For most of the best (and worst) years of my life, I went to that school. I guess I will miss it. But I'm glad I'm done. I got to leave as soon as I finished my exam so I met Terry and we went over to get the new books today. I got some new mags, old comics, a fanzine and. later, at the SS, a series of record albums featuring Donna Fargo in 5 minute radio shows on them. Those are neat!

For the second time in my life, I also bought a copy of THE LOS ANGELES TIMES with news of a bunch of new films.

NOTES: It was hard to be sad as I left the school as, in some ways, I blamed all my problems on it. Grades 1-6 had been great, every year better than the last. I was smart, popular enough, had friends and liked the teachers and the administrators. Sure there were issues from time to time but overall, I loved elementary school. Then they rehabbed the building and added on the huge section to the right in the photo which housed a cafeteria (we had never had one before), a library, study halls and a couple extra classrooms. Kids from schools all over town were bussed in and, from 7th grade on, it was  like living in an alternate universe from the one I was used to. I was still one of the smartest kids but I had few friends and no real new close ones,  I was ridiculed by bullies for my brains, my lack of athletic abilities and my early graying hair. I became really unhappy and school, a place I once defined myself by, became a real source of pain and depression. By ninth grade things had finally started to get a little better and now here I was looking at a whole new school the following year. 

I wanted to miss my old school and there have been times over the years that I have but for the most part, I was glad, after nine years, to finally be out.

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Steve Reed said...

I think the trajectory of your school career is pretty common, even without the effects of the new building. Nobody is happy in 7th and 8th grades!