Sunday, May 27, 2012

Monday, May 27th, 1974

Officially Memorial Day. We went out to Kings Island. For once I had a real good time. We saw a high wire walker, skydivers, hot air balloons, etc. I imagined being there with Linda B. I played lots of games in the Arcade, rode a couple rides (including the new Lion Country Safari where we waited in line an hour for the fifteen minute ride). I took 40 pictures! I hope they all turn out.

At Shillto's, I bought a book on horror films.

We got back about 8:30 and went over to clean for about a half hour, then came home and just sat around watching TV.

Oops! My ink pen's dyi...

NOTES: I couldn't ride rides at amusement parks due to my motion sickness issue so I really didn't have much to do normally at such places and, as I grew into a teen, often didn't go along with my parents. 

The person I described as "a high wire walker" was the great Karl Wallenda who that day set a skywalk record by crossing the park, reversing and crossing back the other way. It took him much of the day but he did it! Seen here is a pic I took when he was right over our heads. Four years later he would be less lucky and fall to his death in high winds. His son (grandson?) re-cereated the record-setting feat of 1974 at Kings Island a few years back.

Shillitos was the big department store in Cincinnati. Eventually it became Shillito-Rikes, then Lazarus, then Macy's. What it was doing open on a holiday--and late enough that I could buy a book there on the way home--I have no idea!

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