Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sunday, June 2nd, 1974

Mom went with me to see SNOWBALL EXPRESS and THE WORLD'S GREATEST ATHLETE again. The first was I think one of the best live action Disney films I've ever seen! That's what I said when I saw it before and that's what I say now. I was very surprised to see that Marvin Hamlisch did the music for ATHLETE.

"Something...almost beyond comprehension is happening to a little girl on this street, in this house, and they have sent for this man...The Exorcist." That's what the preview said and despite a few doubts as to whether I'll be allowed in or not, I've just about got it all in the bag. Dad said he'd be willing to take me if it's at the Madison and it said Coming Soon in the preview. I'll be seeing you soon, Linda.

NOTES: The Linda Blair obsession continues.

As far as SNOWBALL EXPRESS, I always say a movie with good snow scenes is a good movie. That movie is ALL snow scenes. In retrospect, of course, it certainly was not on a par with other Disney live-action films like MARY POPPINS but it really is a fun and entertaining film. I've seen it a number of times over the years.

Dean Jones, then Disney's go-to guy, stars in SNOWBALL EXPRESS with Michael McGreevey and Kathleen Cody. Mister McGreevey and I talk occasionally these days on Facebook and I recently exchanged a few emails with Ms. Cody (also a DARK SHADOWS veteran). Dean Jones actually called me on the phone back in the nineties but it was at work on my day off so I didn't get to speak with him. 

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