Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday, May 16th, 1974

Home sick again.

IT but I destroyed the mags again.

I worked tonight, felt better finally and I know I'll be headed back to school tomorrow.

We got our check again. I'm getting to like this!

Found out Clint's new movie opens downtown next month!


Wish I could say I was in a position where I could like getting a check on a regular basis these days. :(

At this point in my mind, Clint Eastwood could not make  abad movie if he tried. Ah, I was so naive. Here's what I wrote recently about the movie I was SO looking forward to on this date:

As I've said, I was a big Eastwood fan by this point. But I hated this. Clint and Jeff Bridges as violent ant-heroes in Michael Cimino's excesses that just left me feeling yuck. Many love it, I know. I'm not one.

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