Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wednesday, May 15th, 1974

Well I had to stay home again today. Took my medicine--pills, in an ice cream sandwich--and was some better after that.

I did go to work tonight but felt terrible afterwards.


I have to see THE SUPER COPS (R) sometime with David Selby and I'll probably make BILLY JACK this saturday at the Madison.

Watched Roddy on HOLLYWOOD SQUARES both yesterday and again today.

NOTES: As already noted two years later (in my other Journal) I didn't see SUPER COPS until it came on TV. It was, I believe, David Selby's only feature film starring role. Oddly enough, the DARK SHADOWS star is in the news again just this week for his cameo in the new DS movie. 

Note that no matter how bad I felt, IT was always a priority.

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