Sunday, August 12, 2012

Monday, August 12th, 1974


I started reading my SPIRIT collection again.

The Beatles album's really starting to grow on me.

I find myself kind of attracted to the girl next door with the short black hair even though she's obviously a little younger than me and I think she may be Bob's sister. Oh, well. It's not like last summer when that girl lived upstairs. That may have been my chance. I saw her around all the time but never spoke to her.

Made several attempts at radio plays today with me doing all the parts. Even tried the EXORCIST script from that book with me doing all the language! It got tiresome eventually. I ended up making a tape I called NUTHOUSE though. It's just me and portions of records. Not too bad.

NOTES: Wow. I not only have no memory at all of this girl next door but I don't even have a clue who "Bob" was! I do recall the girl from the previous year. She had apparently spent the summer with a relative who lived in one of the apartments upstairs. No one ever introduced me and I certainly never introduced myself but I'd see her around outside, riding off on her bike or walking back from the corner grocery. I doubt I said a single word to her. I remember I still felt like I was building up to that when suddenly she was no longer up there. 

I may still have NUTHOUSE. I know I had it a few years ago but it may have been one of several that got damaged. I was unable to salvage most of them. I definitely did not keep the one man plays I attempted. Probably recorded NUTHOUSE over them.

I still love THE SPIRIT. Even at its worst its better than most comics of its day and the whole thing has perhaps the most unique history of any comics character, also. Long after the terrible recent film version is forgotten, the influence of its source material will endure. 

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