Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sunday, August 18th, 1974

After a very hard time deciding which movie to see, Mom, Terry, Doug and I all went to see HOMEBODIES. I didn't really care for it. Boy!

Terry says maybe tomorrow we can go see BIG BAD MAMA with his mother. I'm not too hopeful.

I got FIGHTING STARS and the group and I ate on Fountain Square.

NOTES: HOMEBODIES was shot in an around Cincinnati. It was a very black comedy about a bunch of older tenants who murder their landlord. The cast included only two actors I knew, Ruth McDevitt and Ian Wolfe. Paula Trueman who would go on to a great performance in THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES also appears. We saw it up on the Skywalk which was probably my favorite theater in that year of so many movies. It just wasn't a very good one.

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