Monday, August 13, 2012

Tuesday, August 13th, 1974

IT yet again! Desperately, I destroyed the "inspiration." Maybe that will stop things.

Terry came by this morning to listen to the tape I made yesterday.

We saw Joey Heatherton--with long hair!--on IT TAKES A THIEF, too!

BLAZING SADDLES is gonna be downtown. Hope I can manage to see it, too, this week.

This afternoon, I recorded my thoughts about Debbie and other old girlfriends and crushes but I erased them because they could be embarrassing.

I saw a flick with a suicidal Richard Basehart and one with Angie Dickinson and William Shatner (NOT the one at the Ludlow).

I saw more commercials for upcoming ABC TV movies included the Connie Stevens flick, THE SEX SYMBOL. Should be a terrific season. Wow!

NOTES: Again, I was 15. These earlier crushes and "girlfriends" would have been almost all back when I was 11 or 12. WE WERE JUST KIDS!!! Ah, well. It's all perspective. 

The Basehart movie was 1951's FOURTEEN HOURS, a tense drama. The Shatner/Dickinson film that was NOT the controversial BIG BAD MAMA was most likely the TV film, PRAY FOR THE WILDCATS that had aired for the first time back in January. 

THE SEX SYMBOL was perky Connie Stevens' attempt at doing a serious version of the life of Marilyn or someone like her. It almost worked. When it finally aired, the controversial TV movie was rather explicit for TV with some actual nudity added in for theatrical release overseas.

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