Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friday, September 13th, 1974

Bad luck? No, they've always been good for me and this was no exception. It rained hard but nothing else.

I saw PLANET OF THE APES and it fit in with the movies better than I expected.

Got some more stuff from SS.

BIG BAD MAMA's at the Albee.

According to the paper, some parts of BORN INNOCENT were deemed to be obscene by some viewers. Oh, well.

NOTES: The PLANET OF THE APES TV series really is kind of hard to fit into the established timeline of the film series but it's not a bad show. Plotwise, it's the typical "man on the run" concept only with two men and a large, sentient chimp...on the run from gorillas. Roddy was great but his makeup had been streamlined so much as to now LOOK like makeup rather than a real face. Many of the gorillas were wearing obvious masks. The constraints of TV budgets. Ron Harper, previously the star of GARRISON'S GUERILLAS, was perversely cast as the human lead with future Broadway and TV commercial voiceover star James Naughton as his sidekick. A year or so later, I would see Naughton perform in a summer stock musical. 


Tom said...

And a couple years later, Ron Harper would play "Uncle Jack" in the less than stellar third season of Land of the Lost replacing Spencer Milligan who left the show over a contract dispute.

Raj said...

A little weird mentioning Dickenson's BBM when the first episode of Police Woman premiered on this day. ("The End Game", I'm watching it now! :) )