Sunday, September 9, 2012

Monday, September 9th, 1974

I still haven't gotten a Geometry book. Doug thinks his sister might have one.

There's a girl in my Spanish class that resembles a young Lynn Redgrave.

I caught the very early (3:29) bus home. Almost beat Dad home.

Tonight's the start of the new TV season. Our TV's been acting up again, though. I sure hope it's better tomorrow to see Linda! I saw Linda's commercial four times this evening and I loved every one.

I caught a NANNY & THE PROFESSOR rerun and Clint in JOE KIDD.

I got several things about Evel's jump.

NOTES: Lynn Redgrave, for those who don't recall, was a lovely and popular English actress first noticed in GEORGY GIRL in 1966.

What does it say when I'm all excited about the new TV season and then all I end up watching on Day one is a rerun and an old movie? And I didn't even like the movie! JOE KIDD is my least favorite Eastwood western. Oddly, it's also his most traditional. 

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