Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wednesday, September 11th, 1974

The TV got worse. Had to take mine in to watch. I saw FIVE WEEKS IN A BALLOON for like the fifth time. Saw part of CANNON with Steffie but a bad storm hit and I had to turn it off. MARLOWE was on late tonight with Bruce Lee.

I hurt my toe bad last night and although it got some better today, I hit it again.

I got a neat new hole puncher that the SS threw out.

May go see two movies this weekend. At least one.

I was really moved by Linda's performance last night but heard no mention of it all day at school. I couldn't stop thinking about her, though.

The hot water in the kitchen has been getting bad again so we cut it off tonight so we can get somebody to fix it tomorrow.

NOTES: FIVE WEEKS IN A BALLOON is a fun early sixties family adventure based on Jules Verne. Wouldn't mind seeing it again now. MARLOWE was James Garner's 1969 modernized take on Raymond Chandler's character, best remembered today for a couple of brief but energized scenes with Bruce Lee.

Cannon was, in the seventies--if you're still keeping track--the FAT detective. 

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