Thursday, November 22, 2012

Friday, November 22nd, 1974

I had a lot of luck today--most of it bad. Our school pictures were out today but I didn't get mine. If you had no English class, you were supposed to go to 101 Science. My teacher was absent. After school, Doug helped me find 101 Science but by then no one was there. Monday, I guess. We had lab in Spanish again and the school paper came out. Doug and I and Jay worked on a map of the school grounds. It's pretty good but we're still working on it.

I had to catch the Eastern bus back.

IT. What'd you expect on a bad luck day?

Couldn't get up the nerve to try calling Debbie again even though the very feeling in the air earlier reminded me of her. Maybe I should find her house and stop out there tomorrow if I take the bus out to Comic Corner.

I finally heard the name of Linda's new TV movie. It's SARAH T, PORTRAIT OF A TEENAGE ALCOHOLIC.

I watched SHE, the first Hammer flick I've seen since I got the book about them.

NOTES: I cringe every time I see me trying to drag this thing with Debbie out! I'm convinced now that if she remembered me at all it was as that guy who needed a restraining order against him! Ugh! Sorry, Debbie, wherever you are!

A lot of film fans love SHE. I was not a big fan of SHE, then or now. Great cast, though. Great poster, also.

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