Monday, November 19, 2012

Tuesday, November 19th, 1974

I got up very early to catch THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW on Channel 5.

Mark Bailey childishly put chalk on my sleeve and then magic marker on my hand. I grabbed him like I was going to throttle him but I didn't really do anything. Not really sure why except I knew it wouldn't have been the right thing to do. I did smear some ink on his face and he ripped my shirt a little. I hope that's the last I hear of it! Boy!

In Dodgeball, I was fifth once. The last 4 are the winners. Well... two of the last 4.

In English we heard a recording of Lee J. Cobb (who was in THE EXORCIST) in part of DEATH OF A SALESMAN.

A slight rain this evening made it seem momentarily like yesterday.

In most of my private moments today I was thinking about getting up the nerve to call Debbie.

Caught a brief glimpse of Spidey on THE ELECTRIC COMPANY. Later I watched part of IT COULDN'T HAPPEN TO A NICER GUY but it wasn't very good so I switched. Saw Chris Connelly on POLICE STORY but he seemed to lose his magic without a mustache.  So I went to bed. What a weird day.

NOTES: If I remember correctly, Mark Bailey (not his real name) was the grandson of one of my Junior High teachers. He was bullied by bigger kids but then he turned around and took it out on smaller kids. At this time, we were about the same size and I was nearly ready to tear him apart. But my conscience prevailed. 

I had first seen actor Lee Cobb as the boss of James Coburn's super secret agent in the Derek Flint films. I always thought he was a dead ringer for Will Eisner's Commissioner Dolan in THE SPIRIT.

THE ELECTRIC COMPANY was the literacy-based sister show to PBS's SESAME STREET, done for slightly older kids and featuring raucous comedy and regular appearances by Spider-Man. Spidey and The Electric Company even git their own spin-off comic book that ran for several years!

IT COULDN'T HAPPEN TO A NICER GUY was an uncomfortable TV movie "comedy"about a man claiming to have been raped by a woman. Even then, I couldn't find any humor in that. I did, however, like the lead actor, Paul Sorvino. This was the first thing I'd ever seen him in and I've enjoyed him in just about everything I've seen him in since, most recently Terence Hill's DOC WEST movies.

Debbie again. Sigh...I just couldn't move on.


Tom said...

At the time, as a comic book fan, it bothered me that the Electric Company's Spidey looked better than the CBS Spider-man television show's version. To date, even with the movies, I have yet to see a Spider-man that is a real-world match for Steve Ditko's or John Romita's.

Bryan W. Frazier said...

Spidey on the Electric Company is what got me started reading and collecting Comic Books in the first place !!

Raj said...

Watching this Police Story now, "Wolf" with Lloyd Bridges (surprised younger-you didn't find him worthy of mention...)

EC Spidey was my first brush with him, (I'm sure just around that time!) and def listened to the Lee J Cobb DoaS when the vinyl was available at my college library.