Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wednesday, November 20th, 1974

1974's been really something so far but 1975 may even top it. As of today I'm fairly certain that there WILL be a Comicon at the Netherland Hilton in January in Cincinnati. It's been planned for years but never came about. Now this is it! THE big deal of comics in my life!My biggest association with them. When I get older, I hope to go to several conventions a year but I've yet to go to even one. But my chance is coming...and I'll GRAB it! Wow!

We saw a really neat play at school this morning.

Tonight I finally got up enough nerve for the first time in over a year to call Debbie. I was really nervous but I dialed the number in the phone book labelled "children's residence." But I got a recording. I didn't know what to say to a recording. It would have been bad enough if she had actually answered! So I hung up and called Terry instead. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

No movies I want to see this weekend.

Saw the Osmonds TV special with Marie only she wasn't on it much. Hard to believe but Rod Hull was listed as Creative Consultant.

NOTES: This seems to be the most excited I've been all year. Yes, the convention happened. I was so nervous and shy, though, that I wandered around for about half an hour, spent the $75.00 I'd saved up for it and then scurried home. I did get a free copy of the poster for the show while I was there and earlier this year, 2012, I sold it to the man who runs the current Cincinnati Comic Expo, the single best convention we've had in this area in the nearly 4 decades since!

Rod Hull was a comedian who didn't do much other than carry around an emu puppet. The emu puppet, on the other hand, did lots! Google Rod for some odd entertainment.  

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