Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sunday, November 24th, 1974

In most ways a really good day for a chane. A real holiday feeling in the air!

I got three new movie ads.

Worked on my Geometry notebook for school.

We went up and got chicken. I stopped for an album on the way back but ended up not getting one.

I made a PEANUTS 1973 folder.

Saw Bill Cosby, Helen Reddy and Johnny Ray on FEELIN' GOOD. It was fun! I also took time out to watch THE SAINT and wash my hair.

When we took out the garbage tonight, it was rainy and cold. It's supposed to get colder.

In this morning's paper, I found out opening dates for a lot of the new flicks I want to see.

Saw a good episode of McCLOUD and a great magic act on MERV. Plus Paul Williams on BOBBY GOLDSBORO's show.

NOTES: Yes, I still have that PEANUTS folder although I'm thinking of putting it up for sale.

Bobby Goldsboro was a pleasant enough performer--a John Denver type--who had achieved great success with uber-schmaltzy story songs like HONEY and WATCHING SCOTTY GROW. His career suffered greatly when his wife and oldest daughter leveled unsubstantiated molestation claims at him during a messy divorce.

According to IMDB. FEELIN' GOOD, a show I don't remember at all, starred Dick Cavett and featured, of all people, Ethel Shutta--Jack Benny's partner in early radio--and actor Joe Morton, most recently on EUREKA! IMDB describes it thusly---A lunchonette called Mac's Place. Through the health problems and behavior of its residents, and through songs, sketches and animation, and documentary segments, tips on staying healthy are presented.

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