Friday, November 23, 2012

Saturday, November 23rd, 1974

A good day, basically. Dad took me to King Kwik this morning and I paid $3.75 for 5 new PEANUTS books! I gave all my change to a Covington Lion.

It turned out I already had one of the books so I took it, along with quite a few other things, with me this afternoon out to Comic Corner. Got fifteen bucks for all of them. Terry's mother drove us so there was no way I could stop to see Debbie. While we were out there, I bought an almost complete FOOM kit! We talked to Steve about the convention coming in January and he said he's sponsoring a smaller one in March, himself, at a Holiday Inn. He also had two pix of Leonard Nimoy on the wall out there. Actual photos! Real Polaroid type pix of him at a con somewhere with sunglasses and curly hair. Definitely no Spock there! I think seeing them was the highlight of my day!

Later over the river, I passed up APES trading cards and an Eastwood bio in favor of ARGOSY with lots of good stuff!

I found out that the corner grocery sells TV GUIDE now.

I got a card from SIXTEEN saying they'll look into my missing order. About time!

NOTES: FOOM stood for Friends Of Ol' Marvel, Marvel Comics' latest attempt at a fan club, this one with the major participation of Jim Steranko. I had never actually joined but the fan club kit came with all the membership cards, magazines, posters, etc, as if I had. 

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