Monday, June 25, 2012

Tuesday, June 25th, 1974

I got the new Bud Plant catalog. Always a treat!

I made myself a "London Fog" and ended up throwing out half of it.

Been having trouble sleeping lately.

Article about Roddy and the TV apes in tonight's paper.

THE EXORCIST is definitely starting at the Madison tomorrow but Terry's mom may be having second thoughts. She HAS to take us! I've been waiting ever since December for this and I can't have it taken away from me now that it's SO close!

I worked a lot on my new story today. It's very, very good and there's not an element of horror or sci-fi in it at all! At least not after I rewrite the bloody cancer scene. A few other scenes will need a rewrite, also, but offhand I think it is my best story since SITUATION SIX. I hope so!

NOTES: The only non-alcoholic London Fog I can find is a drink made with coffee or tea and vanilla extract. I know I never had alcohol or coffee until years later but I'm pretty sure I didn't have tea either so I'm at a loss as to what I sampled that day or as to why I was prompted to make it in the first place.

Bud Plant, as I've mentioned before, is a close friend of my sometime employer Craig Yoe and, as such, I've had dealings with him in the 21st Century in relation to Craig's books I've worked on! Seen here is one of his 1974 catalogs--maybe the one I got that day!

Oh. ON MY JOURNEY was THAT story. Basically a LOVE STORY rip-off, I tried to one-up them by giving the girl not Ali McGraw's mystery illness but breast cancer. Only what did a 15 year old boy know about breast cancer in those days? So in my version, when she gets cancer, her breasts start spurting blood! Who said there was no horror in it? Yes, I still have it and no, you can't read it.

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