Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monday, July 29th, 1974

What I need to avoid IT is a romantic interest.

Speaking of romance, I got some more pix of Linda today along with some insight into her new role. She plays a girl en route to a kidney operation when the crash occurs. Can't wait. I intend to be there the first week!

I intend to have my new scrapbook be mostly Linda and I'm off to a good start. I'm working on a Roddy McDowell page for my new one, though, too. At the Lemon Starship I got no poster but picked up a free brochure on THE EXORCIST.

Doug and I went up together after working on his scrapbooks all morning. We stopped at his house and his sister was still wearing pajamas! I put my arm around her. Didn't do a thing for me. Just a dumb joke. I think the only girls I will ever truly love will be Debbie and Linda.

Beat my work record by one minute! Now it's 29! I probably can't beat that. We've got a lot of thin, small bags now so I'm sometimes having to use three where I used to use one.

Doug and I found a bunch of old ROLLING STONES, militant and hippie newspapers. Found a big ad for the movie, THE GETAWAY in one.

Doug told me he saw THUNDERBOLT & LIGHTFOOT yesterday and they showed previews for the new 007 movie with Chris Lee!

Tonight I watched a rerun of a movie with Roddy.

There's a record out called CAPTAIN HOWDY. HAH!

NOTES: "Lemon Starship." What a groovy name. I have no memory of this poster store whatsoever. Nor do I recall finding all those old mags. Were they just thrown out somewhere? Obviously we looked through them. Don't know.

I loved my scrapbooking but it just got out of hand and took up too much room. Eventually, they all had to be stuffed into a closet. The ones I used were very similar to what's seen here. They had fancy shoelace ties holding the pages together. I would put a smallish number on the cover on the lower right side and tape over it so it wouldn't rub off. Sometimes I would add blank pages that you could buy but more often than not, I just got a different color one and started anew. I kept them from 1973 through 1982 and ended up with, I believe, 28 in all. 

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Raj said...

The Roddy movie was "Hello Down There" (1969).