Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunday, August 4th, 1974

We couldn't find the paper this morning. I walked all over town with no luck. We were just about to go to Newport when it turned up out on the sidewalk in front of the house.

There's a new Charles Bronson film I want to see soon. Also, Bruce Lee's RETURN OF THE DRAGON is out! In Chicago at least.

I went to Terry's late this afternoon. Didn't stay as late as I have been lately. We worked on his scapbooks. He let me tape in all the photos of Linda Blair. He doesn't have near as many as I do. Picked up the PLAYBOY, too. Didn't do anything for me. Probably will at some point.

Found out in the paper that they've changed Trash Day to Monday and Thursday so we had to put it all out tonight.

I watched part of The Carpenters on EVENING AT POPS. I guess when it comes right down to it, Karen is my favorite female singer.

NOTES: It was rare to actually find Sunday papers in the racks as there were a couple of spots in town where guys just commandeered corners and sold them to folks in cars the whole morning long until after Church let out or they ran out, whichever came first. Apparently they weren't in their spots on this day either. From the fact that the paper DID show up eventually, I'm going to presume there was just some sort of printing delay.

I had been a Charles Bronson fan since TV's TRAVELS OF JAMIE McPHEETERS with young Kurt Russell and old movies like HOUSE OF WAX. At this point in the seventies, he was arguably the biggest movie star in the world...although he had not yet caught on in the US as strongly as in Europe and Asia.

I still melt at Karen Carpenter's voice. EVENING AT POPS was conductor Arthur Fiedler's PBS music series.

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