Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sunday, June 9th, 1974

Felt better again today. Cleaned out most of my school stuff and then just lay around and read the rest of the day. I took a few more pictures but read nearly all of SUPER COPS. I'll finish it tomorrow.

NOTES: In the eighty movies I saw in 1974, it's interesting to note some major films I had no interest in at that time. In many cases, I did see these films later on TV or video but, at 15, I just didn't care.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Saturday, June 8th, 1974

After this morning, my stomach felt much much better the rest of the day and my headache was gone completely.

I stayed home, though. Watched TV. Helped Mrs. Pritchett and earned 75 cents!

All 40 pictures took and took good!

Mom got me the SUPERCOPS book today at Woolworths. Boy, that'll be some movie. And it's going off in about a week already!

I got my first look in the attic yesterday but I couldn't see a thing!

I killed an insect which might have been a locust! I think so. Dad says it was a bee.

NOTES: I don't think I was being facetious when I put the exclamation mark after "75 cents." It really WAS a big deal back then! 

I remember really enjoying THE SUPER COPS. There was a comic book tie-in as well (by Gray Morrow). As I've noted already, I wouldn't see the movie until it hit TV a couple years later and it wasn't really very good.

The pictures I was referring to would have been the Kings Island ones I took. Odd that I took 40 and yet I only know of about 8 that I still can put my hands on.

Lime most comics collectors, I had always envisioned finding a secret stash of mint condition comics up in the attic. Didn't happen.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Friday, June 7th, 1974

I still had a bad headache coupled with a stomach ache. It was very hot. I didn't end up going with Terry but I met him. Ended up loaning him a quarter. I only got a few mags. Even have money left!

I got my penpal letter already.

I made myself some vegetable soup for lunch and tonight had chili and coneys.

NOTES: How bad could my stomach have hurt if I ate all that? Wish I had money. I could use some Covington Chili. Haven't had any lately.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thursday, June 6th, 1974

I didn't feel good all day today. They predicted rain but it was all very sunny. I went to see the 007 double-feature because I thought it might make me feel better. It did a little. DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER is still my second favorite Bond flick.

After the movies, I got FM and THE SHADOW.

No locusts yet.

I managed to finish work again tonight in time to see TARZAN.

Summer won't really start from me until I hear from THE ENQUIRER. I just hope whatever I hear from them I hear before July.

It was almost this time last year (June 2nd?) when I got pretty sick out at the drive-in. Heatstroke maybe? I hope this doesn't last.

NOTES: The bit about THE ENQUIRER was in reference to my entry into THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER's contest to grant a wish. In my case, that wish was to meet Linda Blair. Needless to say, it wasn't going to happen but at that point I was still optimistic.

My favorite 007 movie, btw, was and remains GOLDFINGER.

More of Ron Ely's TARZAN. Still trying to work out that interview in 2012.

When I mentioned locusts, I meant cicadas. I just didn't know it at that point. 

FM was, as always, FAMOUS MONSTERS rather than anything musical related. THE SHADOW was most likely the first of the new paperback reprint series with STERANKO covers. 

I don't recall getting really sick at the drive-in. As I've mentioned before, only once was I ever able to convince my Dad to take me and that was in 1971. A few times after that Terry's Mom took us to see monster flicks or a Raquel Welch picture. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wednesday, June 5th, 1974

The lowest exam grade I got was a C in IPS! Otherwise I got all A's and B's.

All the girls at school today for report cards wore next to nothing! Hot pants and halter tops!

THE EXORCIST's last days have increased to 21 days. Three more weeks of waiting.

THE SUPER COPS is saying "Last 14 days."Need to catch that one.

There's a Bruce Lee triple feature at a drive-in.

I did IT rather accidentally today but still it counts as IT.

I saw a good movie on TV with a girl that kind of resembled Linda Blair--THE WORLD OF HENRY ORIENT.

NOTES: We didn't have an actual dress code that I recall in school but there were some items not permitted and those included hot pants and halter tops.  Thus my surprise to note that many of the girls I had been going through school with were...well... growing up.

THE WORLD OF HENRY ORIENT became and remains a favorite movie. Technically it stars Peter Sellers but in reality it stars two young teenage girls who become obsessed with Sellers' concert pianist and essentially become non-threatening stalkers. The actress who reminded me of Linda B was Tippy Walker (R in the picture above).

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tuesday, June 4th, 1974

I got up at 6:30 and watched HAZEL. There isn't going to be much good on TV all this week.

I narrowly avoided IT today but this time I managed to WIN!

Tomorrow's the last official day of school--Report Card Day. I suppose Doug knows I'll pick him up.

It's been five weeks since I ordered that book and I'm tired of anticipating it every day. It's always such a letdown when it doesn't arrive.

Tomorrow, if it matinees, I'll probably see a 007 double feature.

I've decided to ride the bus out to the Showcase Cinemas to see SINBAD if it matinees when it starts in a couple of weeks.

I watched a TV movie with Ted Bessell and Barbara Feldon. I'd seen it before and didn't like it but this time I thought it was terrific.

NOTES: Looks like that movie I watched was a TV movie entitled WHAT ARE BEST FRIENDS FOR? In addition to the stars mentioned above, it also starred Larry Hagman and Lee Grant along with sone great character actors. It was directed by Jay Sandrich, one of THE great sitcom directors. All that said, I have exactly NO memory of this film today.

HAZEL was the almost classic sitcom with Shirley Booth as the perfect maid and housekeeper. It was, I would find out later, based on a comic panel by cartoonist Ted Key who also did a strip I loved as a kid, DIZ & LIZ, in JACK & JILL.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monday, June 3rd, 1974

It started off as a good day. A little hot but... I went to Cincinnati, picked up a few books I missed and a couple of old ten cent ones at OBS. Then I had to ruin it all with IT for the first time in a while.

I haven't been paying enough attention to Linda Blair lately. Guess I'll have to make up for that.

NOTES: Not much to say here. Here are three comic books I may have purchased that day as I definitely bought all of these and they would have been out right around that time of that year.