Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sunday, October 20th, 1974

Terry welshed on his promise by not going to THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT with me. From now on I just won't ask him to go anywhere! THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT stands a chance of making my lower Top Ten.

Also saw a preview of EARTHQUAKE.

I wrote my seven page science report on Apollo 11. I almost didn't make it. I missed the Beatles show because of it.

Picked up one more new comic. IRON FIST.

Mom got me a new lock, boots, pants, coat and shirt yesterday. I am so ready for winter.

I've decided to try to get a job as Mary Wood's assistant. Not right now but soon. Mary's talked with Linda! Who knows? I might get to yet.

I might order a HANNIE CAULDER poster.

I watched Steffie on McMILLAN AND WIFE.

NOTES: I remember just getting lost in THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT that day. It was already a year or two old but was on re-release. I was one of only a few in the theater--the Skywalk. I bought the soundtrack soon after. Had it up until a few weeks ago when I divested myself of my LP collection.

IRON FIST was a very well-done comic at first but the character was later incongruously teamed with Luke Cage (Power Man). Didn't work for me.

Mary Wood, as I mentioned before, was the longtime TV editor for THE CINCINNATI POST and I had already met her. It coulda worked.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Saturday, October 19th, 1974

First of all, my blooper didn't win. Even though I mailed it a half hour after I saw the show, some girl mailed hers even sooner and she won! Boy! Maybe next time.

I didn't see the movie. Maybe tomorrow. Instead, Terry and I caught the Erlanger-Florence bus and went out as far as it goes. Then we started walking. We knew we were on the right road to find Comic Corner. It was just a matter of time. About an hour (almost) later, we found the Devon Garden Center and inside one of the greatest collections of comic books I have ever seen! Some for only a penny! I got some I really needed as well as some I just really, really wanted! The guy that runs the place is a really nice guy, too. He knew all the same people Terry and I have bought comics from over the years. I'm definitely going back but not too often. I can't stand the walk! But it sure was neat!

NOTES: Comic Corner was, to the best of my knowledge, the first comic book store in Northern Kentucky and one of the first in the Tri-State area. Supposedly there had been one out around Norwood around this time or earlier. I saw an ad in the newspaper but that area was totally unfamiliar to me and would have required multiple buses.

Which might have been better than the walk! Literally, the address said Comic Corner was on Dixie Highway and we knew the bus went way out on Dixie Highway. What we didn't then realize is that Dixie Highway continues on to Florida! I was probably exaggerating to say an hour but not by much. Earlier this week in 2012, I had trouble walking across a parking lot. Things change. Sigh.

The place was in the back of the garden store run by the man's father...or to be more precise, in a corner of it. We sat there for probably a couple of hours resting up, talking with the owner and going through more boxes of comics than we had ever seen one place! Somewhere I still have the original newspaper ad for the place but I can't find it to scan. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Friday, October 18th, 1974

In Spanish class, we went to "The Lab," a strange futuristic place I didn't like. It actually gave me a headache. At least the time seemed to pass fast.

The bus was really, really crowded!

PLANET OF THE APES was good tonight. Real good.

I never go to finish my new books yet.

I worked some on my scrapbooks tonight.

Yoshiko sent me two tiny pineapple leaves. That was nice.

NOTES: It's odd how much lately I don't recall in the slightest but "The Lab" is yet another forgotten memory.

Yoshiko was my Japanese pen-pal for those who've forgotten.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thursday, October 17th, 1974

I had a lot of trouble with Charles Herbert in Gym today.

We got out early. I caught the Eastern to Cincinnati in and got all kinds of new books. I intend to go back for more tomorrow. Eighteen comics, five books and TV GUIDE.

Saw an ad for something called Comic Corner in Florence. Terry said maybe we could go out there on Saturday.

Saw the Goodyear blimp tonight and a real army cannon!

I've decided to wait a while to see AIRPORT '75. Maybe 'til it comes closer. Saw the commercial again tonight. May see THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT instead.

Oakland took the series.

NOTES: I remember several of the guys who bullied me in Gym but I don't even recall the name of Charles Herbert.

Comic Corner will prove to be a major point in my life going forward, not so much for itself but for what it leads to.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wednesday, October 16th, 1974

Mrs. P had all her stuff moved out.

I took THE HOBBIT to school but I didn't read any of it.

Some people in science class are so dumb. Some said the earth was flat and that stars were other planets and other childish things like that!

I managed to catch the regular bus but only about four others did.

I saw "When Gods Destroy" on STAR TREK with Yvonne Craig.

I taped an AIRPORT '75 commercial while taping radio songs tonight.

I saw Dick Van Dyke in THE COMIC again.

Yesterday, one of my wishes was to write a meaningful poem. I took out my pen and wrote "Sad Rainy Evening" about when I said goodbye to Debbie four years ago. It was meaningful.

NOTES: Yes, I still have "Sad, Rainy Evening" but what's sad about it now is that I was still so obsessed with Debbie four full years after shed moved away and two years after I'd last seen her. I was such a putz!

I should have read THE HOBBIT when I had the chance. I'll probably never get to it now. No, I still haven't read it!

I love Dick Van Dyke movies--from MARY POPPINS to CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG to COLD TURKEY and FITZWILLY and everything in between. THE COMIC is one of his best and played into my growing love of silent movie comics.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tuesday, October 15th, 1974

Today I awoke with the knowledge that everything I wanted to happen today would come true. And it did! Even almost impossible things! I wished we wouldn't play football or basketball in Gym and that I'd do good in whatever we DID play. And we played volleyball and I scored more than ten points. Then I wished the SS people would leave by 5:30 and they did! Wow! I sure wish more days were like this.

Watched STAR TREK again.

We have a PTA meeting on Thursday.

NOTES: I don't really know how to play volleyball either. Not then and not now. But somehow I proved to be good at it anyway and people actually wanted me on their team.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monday, October 14th, 1974

Columbus Day. We should be off school but we're not. Social Security was off and The Post Office (including Dad) was. Mr. Deters wanted us to be the new landlords when the Pritchetts move out tomorrow.  I helped carry out some of their stuff this afternoon.

I added my Linda Blair poster as a foldover in my second scrapbook and replaced it on the wall with a DEATH WISH poster.

A girl at school has a copy of THE BOOK OF MORMON, just what I'd like to read now that I've been so interested in marie lately. She says I can see it tomorrow.  Today is Marie's birthday...I think.

I saw "That Which Survives" on STAR TREK's return tonight at 6. I hope this time I can see all the episodes I haven't seen or don't recall completely.

NOTES: Were we ever off for Columbus Day? I was never sure. I know they aren't these days.

When did I have a poster of DEATH WISH? I don't recall that at all. Where would I have gotten that?

Haahahaha. With both the Romney campaign and the Broadway show in the news over the past year or so, I'd forgotten my brief period of interest in THE BOOK OF MORMON here.